Q2 2024
Lumerin + Morpheus Proxy Router Design & Architecture
Development on Lumerin + Morpheus Wallet
Development on Lumerin + Morpheus Wallet Chat tab
Lumerin + Morpheus Staking for Services
Lumerin + Morpheus Wallet Provider tab
Q3 2024
Complete Lumerin + Morpheus Wallet Marketplace tab
Morpheus Node Production Launch
Launch Validator-as-a-Service
Q4 2024
Open up Whitelist to any Hashrate Seller
Architect Hosted Node Services: Lumerin & Morpheus
Launch Hosted Node Services
Q1 2025
Launch Enhanced Seller Dashboard
Launch Seller & Buyer Profitability Calculator
Enable Buyer Bidding
Launch Bid / Ask Capability for Hashrate Contracts
Q2 2025
Launch Real-Time Spot Market
Launch Wallet Extension SDK
Q3 2025
Develop Futures Market

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