Web3 Data Routing
Bitcoin Hashpower, AI, RWAs & DePIN
Lumerin Protocol
A New Value Paradigm for Data Streams
Lumerin Protocol — a foundational layer technology using smart contracts to control how P2P data streams are routed, accessed, and transacted.
Why Use Lumerin

Program any data stream

Transact with any type of data

Secure with decentralized nodes

Control over data and privacy

Communicate directly via peer-to-peer

Lumerin Powers the Morpheus AI Network
Lumerin is leveraging its existing codebase to build the core node software for Morpheus, a decentralized AI network that connects users, compute providers and smart agents into a seamless web3 ecosystem.
Decentralized Al Data Routing
Secure, reliable, and efficient allocation of AI resources across the network and within any AI services marketplace.
Permissionless Access to Personal AIs
Open, transparent, equitable access to public and private AI models.
Censorship Resistant
Open, transparent and democratic access to AI that protects data and user privacy.
Crypto Payments for AIs
More freedom, better usability and rewards for Smart Agent providers using crypto payment rails.
AI Marketplace
A highly cost-effective, accessible two-sided market for AI services where users and AI service providers transact directly.
Ecosystem Partners
Use Cases of Lumerin
Lumerin enables complete control over how and when data and communications are routed via smart contracts. 
In Progress
AI Compute Power
Lumerin’s open-source protocol is currently being leveraged to decentralize and efficiently allocate AI compute
As the Lumerin ecosystem expands, data routing will enable novel applications on decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) through real-time, programmatic resource allocation
Tokenized Real-World Assets (RWA)
Enable the ability to transact and route data streams more efficiently, increase liquidity, and reduce the number of intermediaries
In Progress
Private, Encrypted Video & Audio Streams
Enable peer-to-peer, anonymous and encrypted access to video and audio streams
In Progress
Permissioned Communications
Use smart contracts to better control when and how someone is allowed to contact you through any messaging, team collaboration, or email application
In Progress
Programmable Data Streams and NFTs
Use smart contracts to program data streams and digital assets like utility NFTs that provide ownership and access rules
Decentralized Hashpower Marketplace
Live on Arbitrum, Lumerin’s first use case is the world’s first peer-to-peer, decentralized marketplace for trading Bitcoin hashpower
Trade Real Bitcoin Hashpower Using Smart Contracts
The Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace offers a secure and decentralized platform for buying, selling and mining Bitcoin with remotely acquired, real-world hashpower.
Total Number of Contracts Traded
Total Hashrate Traded to Date
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