Trade Real Bitcoin Hashpower
The Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace offers a secure and decentralized platform for buying, selling and mining Bitcoin with remotely acquired, real-world hashpower.
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Trade Real Bitcoin Hashpower
Owning energy-backed hashpower was never this easy. No need for expensive hardware or complex infrastructure. For more detailed instructions, visit our Gitbook Guide
Decentralized Bitcoin Hashpower Marketplace
Bitcoin mining hashpower is the ultimate real-world asset for on-chain trading. Lumerin seeks to democratize access to hashpower, enabling its global trading in a decentralized and secure manner.
User Guide
Lumerin Wallet
Trade your ERC-20 tokens for real Bitcoin mining hashrate and receive your mining rewards directly in your mining pool wallet—as if you were running an ASIC at home!
Installation Guide
Exchanges are completely peer-to-peer and on-chain — no intermediaries or third parties involved.
Trusted & Secure
Lumerin Nodes validate hashrate delivery, enforcing security and fairness in every deal.
Smart contracts hold all the details of the agreement and act as a decentralized escrow, delivering the assets to both parties as the contract terms are met.
Trade real Bitcoin hashpower through the Lumerin Wallet interface with no registration required.
Access, acquire, and control hashpower produced by a miner from anywhere in the world.
Forget about delays, delivery times, and hosting issues — transactions clear in near real-time.
Hashpower Trading Advantages
The Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace offers unique benefits for all involved parties.
For Buyers
Lumerin provides a decentralized decentralized protocol for Bitcoin mining without expensive hardware. You have full control over the real-world hashrate you acquire, directing it as you see fit.
For Sellers
Lumerin provides a solution to manage market uncertainty. By routing and selling your hashrate at your preferred price, terms, and duration, you can de-risk your mining operation and protect it against volatility and mining difficulty.
For Everyone
Lumerin streamlines the process of hashpower trading on a global scale. Trade securely and directly from your Web3 wallet. By joining, you are playing a part in promoting a more fair and distributed mining landscape.
What contributes to centralization of hashpower?
Three main causes:
Favorable Regulation
Stable lnfrastructure
The Lumerin Protocol decouples the control of mining power from where it is generated by enabling highly secure and trusted hashrate trading.

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