Lumerin Powers the Morpheus AI Network
Lumerin is leveraging its existing codebase to build the core node software for Morpheus, a decentralized AI network that connects users, compute providers and smart agents into a seamless web3 ecosystem.
Decentralized Al Data Routing
Secure, reliable, and efficient allocation of AI resources across the network and within any AI services marketplace.
Permissionless Access to Personal AIs
Open, transparent, equitable access to public and private AI models.
Censorship Resistant
Open, transparent and democratic access to AI that protects data and user privacy.
Crypto Payments for AIs
More freedom, better usability and rewards for Smart Agent providers using crypto payment rails.
AI Marketplace
A highly cost-effective, accessible two-sided market for AI services where users and AI service providers transact directly.
Morpheus Lumerin Model

The Morpheus Lumerin Model utilizes the Lumerin protocol routing pattern to create a peer-to-peer, decentralized, and anonymous ecosystem for connecting AI users, compute providers and smart agents with AI model and agent compute providers

No SPOFs (single points of failure)
The architecture emphasizes the importanceof decentralization at multiple levels: servers, data stores,and routing mechanisms.
One Software Solution
A single codebase for both providers and users streamlines maintenance, versioning, and upgrades significantly.
Lower Costs with Fewer Transactions
The Morpheus protocol is designed with a minimal amountof costly write operations, optimizing for both economicand computational efficiency.
Blockchain Agnostic
The ability to deploy smart contract code on anyEthereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain.
Model Agnostic
AI model agnostic is crucial for the Morpheus networkto efficiently process and handle a wide array of data models.
Prompt & Inference Privacy
Prompt and inference data stream seamlessly betweenthe user and provider without intermediaries.
Node Security
User nodes are only visible to providers during active sessions, enhancing privacy and security for all users.
Ecosystem Model
The Morpheus ecosystem will consist
of severalon-chain and off-chain systems.

On-chain systems can be divided into two categories: capital systems and compute systems.

Capital systems are deployed on blockchains for the purpose of locking up capital in exchange for minted MOR tokens while compute systems are deployed on blockchains for the purposes of creating an AI modeland agent market.

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